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Welcome to San Jose Party Bus

San Jose Limousine is the top provider of party bus transportation in San Jose and the surrounding areas! We're the company you can count on when you need a luxurious vehicle and great service (not to mention affordable rates)! We service a huge area of California, so you don't need to limit your partying to any one area; you can travel wherever you need to! We understand that you want to travel and we're happy to take you!

What really sets us apart from the rest is our amazing fleet. We have a great selection of vehicles! Our party buses are full of amazing features that make them great for any occasion! Custom interior designs with leather seating and technological features such as booming sound systems, TVs, DVD players, colorful lighting, and much more! You'll find yourself enjoying a comfortable ride on a vehicle that is really a VIP club on wheels! There's no better way to travel!

No matter what you're celebrating on our luxurious vehicles, we're the best choice. We here at Party Bus San Jose are pleased to let you know that we service absolutely any event. Whether you're getting married, having a birthday, celebrating graduation, or going to prom, SJ Party Bus has you covered! We have the party bus you want and we're committed to making your event the best ever! And we do all of this at amazing prices! We are the most affordable party bus provider in the area!

We operate 24/7 with San Jose Limo Service so you can not only rent as late as you want, but you can call us at absolutely any time for quotes or just to ask questions! Whenever you want to call you'll reach one of our friendly agents who will be more than happy to help! To get started on finding a vehicle, head on over to our fleet page!

Popular Events

We’re really big on providing outstanding service for all types of events in our area, whether it’s a solo destination that you’re headed to or a whole slew of places that you want to check out in one night! It can be a personal event or a business event, an intimate gathering or a massive celebration! Let’s talk about just a few of our most popular events!

We take care of a whole lot of WEDDING events in our area. That of course includes the ceremony itself and the reception, but what you may not think about initially is the fact that you’ll need great transportation for any bachelor/bachelorette parties or bridal showers that you throw! Post-wedding, there’s the honeymoon transportation to consider. If you’re headed to the airport, we’ll be happy to take you there. If you’re going somewhere nearby, you will definitely want to allow us to take you straight from the reception to the hotel!

If you’re a music lover, you’ll certainly want to head out to some CONCERTS AND FESTIVALS with us! Likewise, sporting events are really a blast when you travel with us. You completely eliminate any worries about traffic or parking and you can just enjoy the whole ride there and back. You can listen to the artist that you’re going to see on our outstanding stereo system or even watch their music videos on our HDTVs. You can deck the vehicle out with your favorite sports memorabilia when you’re on the way to the big game!

If you’re a small business owner or a corporate big shot, BUSINESS EVENTS are made so much better by our presence! Many of our entertainment features double as amenities for presentations. You can play a presentation on our HDTVS or you can listen to your favorite podcasts on our audio systems! You can stock the built in bar with all your favorite beverages for you and your clients to enjoy. The options are endless but the guarantee is that you will leave a memorable impression!

Parents of teens will love our services for PROM AND GRADUATION as well as for homecoming and other school dances! You deserve a night off from playing chauffeur, don’t you? And wouldn’t it be nice to know that your teens will be safe on the road with a professional chauffeur, in a spacious and safe vehicle? That way, you can kick back on the couch and stream your favorite binge-watching material without a care in the world! Or maybe you’d like to rent an additional bus for yourself and head out and enjoy an evening with your significant other. Spoil yourself and your kids at the same time! Ah, life in the lap of luxury!

Finally, our personal favorite and our most popular event, BAR HOPPING! Heading out on the town in one of our vehicles to visit the hottest restaurants and bars… you’ll be able to drink legally on board and you won’t have to choose a designated driver from among your friends! Visit all the best bars and eateries and just enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Some Events

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    We have luxurious and reliable vehicles and offer a wonderful wedding package.

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    You can drink and party on board with all your friends while traveling responsibly...

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    Play your favorite music and enjoy the concert quality sound on the way to the concert!

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    Nights Out

    Casual nights out, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties & anything in between...

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Vehicle Features

  • Custom interiors

    Our vehicles have custom interiors with plush leather seating and wood flooring.

  • Amazing Technology

    State-of-the-art features from color-changing lights to DVD players and MP3 hookups.

  • Versatility

    Music, movies, dancing, drinking; set whatever mood you want for your event!